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The new Nanoleaf Light Panes will change how you see the light

You’ll wonder how you ever found your way around before.

Nanoleaf, the makers of fascinating and unique light fixtures like the Rhythm Edition light panels and the HomeKit-enabled Ivy Smarter Kit, have an all new lighting system that’s bound to revolutionize your home.

The Nanoleaf Light Panes are “inspired by the beauty of natural light.” They are natural, sustainable, and for the first time ever – completely wireless. Once installed, the Light Panes are solar powered and use that power to project the sun’s light throughout your room. You’ll wake up every morning to a sunrise and, if you have Light Panes on the other side of the room, fall asleep to a sunset every evening. The Panes are powered by two new forms of technology, SunSync and LOYW1 architecture. These features help provide a to-the-second accurate portrayal of the sun’s light as the day progresses. The geolocated lighting keeps your Panes synced with Panes across the world.

Once you’ve received your Light Panes, all you need to do is install them. There’s no software to download or drivers to install. They work right out of the box. If you have no Light Panes previously installed, your home may need some prep work. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including triangles, squares, and hexagons. Accessories like the Nanoleaf Curtain will soon follow, and you’ll be able to use the Curtains for real-time scheduling, custom colors, and more.

If Nanoleaf’s new venture is successful in the home, be sure to look out for more advanced kits for your car, factories, and telephone booths nationwide.

Nanoleaf Light Panes are only available April 1.

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