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This $1 Amazon Music Unlimited deal will have students streaming all year

Let Amazon Music Unlimited supply the soundtrack to your year.

School is almost back in session, and Amazon is lending college students a hand this year with a new offer on Amazon Music Unlimited. Now, Prime Student members can add Amazon Music Unlimited onto their Prime membership for just $0.99 per month! This isn’t a limited time deal either; you’ll score that discounted price on the service for as long as your Prime Student membership remains active, and if you’re not already a member, we can talk about why you need to change that (and how) below.

Coming from an avid music listener, being able to stream whatever you want whenever you want can change your life. Whether you want to listen to your favorite songs from when you were younger or a track that was just released today, Amazon Music Unlimited offers unlimited access to over 50 million songs to play with no ads to suffer through. Music streaming gives you the chance to discover so many new artists and songs that you wouldn’t have heard otherwise, and with the various playlists and features that Amazon Music Unlimited curates for listeners, you’ll begin to find new music that fits your style in no time.

What’s great about Amazon Music Unlimited is that you can use it nearly anywhere. Download it on your iOS or Android smartphone, or onto a tablet, or use your web browser, or a Fire TV device, and the options don’t end there. You can listen anywhere to anything, which is pretty crazy when you think about it. If you’re already a Prime Student member, you may have noticed you have access to over 2 million songs to play whenever you want on Amazon already, though adding a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited takes your options to an entirely different level.

For those who have yet to sign up for Prime Student, you can score a free 6-month trial right now which is perfect for new freshman trying to save some cash during the first semester at school. Of course, it’s not just open to new students but anyone attending a 2-year or 4-year college. Prime normally costs $12.99 monthly for non-students, but after your six-month trial is up, your Prime Student account will renew at its regular cost of $6.49 each month. That’s 50% off, plus you’ll be receiving all the same benefits that regular Prime members receive including free two-day shipping and access to exclusive Prime-only deals.

Once you’ve become a Prime Student member, you can head here to sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited. The service normally starts at $7.99 for Prime members, which is why you shouldn’t miss out on this $0.99 offer. It’s pretty comparable to Spotify and Apple Music too, and it’ll sound just as good in headphones like the AirPods, but at a much better price. Spotify and Apple Music both offer discounts for students starting at $4.99, though neither of them can offer quite the benefits that having a Prime membership can.

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Amazon Music Unlimited for Prime Student members

Amazon just dropped the cost of its Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service for Prime Student members to just $0.99 per month! Once you’re subscribed, you can begin listening to over 50 million songs anywhere you go.

$0.99 $7.99 $7 Off

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