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This is the best Nintendo Switch V2 deal we’ve seen yet

The new Nintendo Switch with 50% more battery life, a 128GB microSD card, and a carrying case for one low price.

If you’re hunting for the best Cyber Monday deal for the Nintendo Switch, this bundle is going to be it. We haven’t seen a deal that includes this many necessary Switch accessories bundled with the Switch. What’s more, this bundle includes the newer Switch V2 that has up to 50% more battery life rather than the original model. In addition to the Switch you’ll also receive a 128GB microSD card, which is necessary for the console given that it only has 32GB of storage on its own. Plus, you’ll get a canvas carrying case, silicone Joy-Con grips, an extra charging cable, and a screen cleaning cloth. That’s really a great deal given how discounted this bundle is.

Nintendo Switch Starter Pack Bundle

The Nintendo Switch is an awesome hybrid console that you can play in handheld mode on-the-go or docked to your TV. This starter pack comes with a 128GB microSD card, a canvas carrying case, silicone Joy-Con grips, a cleaning cloth, and an extra charging cable.

$345 $393 _$48

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I love that this bundle comes with so many necessary accessories you need to maintain and protect your Switch from damage. It’s really the best Nintendo Switch deal we’ve seen yet.

The Nintendo Switch is a super fun gaming system. There are a number of hit games that are exclusive to this console including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Pokémon Sword and Shield. While you’re at it, check out the Nintendo Switch games on sale this Cyber Monday.

If you’re look for an amazing Switch deal, you probably won’t find a better one than this. Pick it up while supplies last!

Cyber Monday!

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