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This ridiculous iPad deal makes it the absolute best deal for kids

If you’ve been thinking about buying an iPad for your kid, but you’re not sure which one to get, grab this deal before it’s too late. Amazon has the latest 10.2-inch iPad on sale starting at just $229.99 right now. Yes, that’s $99 off the regular price and the lowest it has been priced. It’s even lower than yesterday’s Black Friday price on Amazon.

You may not have thought to buy the latest technology to hand over to a child, but I’m here to make a case for the 10.2-inch seventh-generation iPad as the perfect tablet for him or her. As our review points out, this is really the best iPad for just about everyone. Of course, the primary reason is the price tag. You cannot get a better tablet of any kind for less money. As Rene points out in his review: “And for anyone not wanting to spend a dollar more on an iPad than they absolutely have to, or are buying in bulk for education or enterprise, this new iPad is absolutely the new, better best value in tech today.”

This is an iPad your children can grow into. Even if they start with just watching videos and playing kiddie games, this future-proof device can be your child’s resource for years to come. As they go from childhood into the teen years, this iPad will keep up with them as their needs become more sophisticated. They will never outgrow it. And since it’s the latest technology from Apple, it will be supported by Apple for many more years. You don’t have to worry about it becoming obsolete anytime soon.

Of course, you could also buy one for yourself and gift wrap your older iPad to give to your child! Or you could buy a set for the whole family. If you are going to be giving this to a child, don’t forget to buy a secure case to keep it safe.

Black Friday!

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