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This week in Apple: Sketchy rumors include gaming MacBook and notch-less iPhone

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This week in Apple news we heard a few really sketchy rumors. The biggest of these rumors is that there could be a notch-less iPhone in 2020 with an in-display fingerprint sensor and — get this — an under-display selfie camera. Anything’s possible, but we think this is a stretch.

We also heard another sketchy rumor related to a “gaming-centric” MacBook in 2020, Apple cracking down on a company that creates mobile virtualization software, and the guy who greenlit “Game Of Thrones” on HBO joining Apple TV Plus.

See the Apple news roundup below for all the latest.

The top Apple news stories of the past week:

  • A 2020 iPhone with no notch and no Face ID, maybe: A pretty sketchy rumor from Let’s Go Digital suggests that there could be a 2020 “ultimate” iPhone that would have no notch, no Face ID, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and an under-display selfie camera. While some of these aspects might be possible in a 2020 iPhone, the idea that all of them will be in one device is pretty out there.
  • Apple could release a MacBook designed for gaming: Although most of the popular PC games out there don’t run on Macs natively, there’s a rumor that Apple could release a “gaming-centric” MacBook in 2020. The supposedly $5,000 computer would be geared towards esports players.
  • There might be two iPhone SE 2 devices: In one more sketchy rumor, there could be two versions of the expected iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9) this year. The original version would have been “small” but there could be an additional larger version, according to DigiTimes.
  • iPhone users bought a lot of apps on Christmas day: According to Sensor Tower, Apple’s App Store clocked in revenue of $193 million on Christmas day alone, 76% of which went to games. Meanwhile, the Google Play Store earned just $84 million, but this isn’t unexpected.
  • AAPL hits a new all-time high: Apple’s stock value hit a new high this week, closing at $300 per share. That’s a huge difference from this time last year when Apple was on shaky ground with investors and its stock closed at just $144 per share.
  • Mobile virtualization company sued by Apple: A company that creates software that emulates mobile platforms, including Apple’s iOS, is in trouble. Apple is suing Corellium claiming that the company encourages iPhone jailbreaking and also violates Apple’s copyrights. Corellium is fighting the charges in court.
  • HBO’s former CEO joins up with Appl TV Plus: Former HBO CEO and chairman Richard Plepler is the guy who greenlit “Game Of Thrones,” among other popular HBO shows. Now, Plepler has signed a five-year deal with Apple TV Plus to produce shows, documentaries, and other content for the platform. HBO’s loss is Apple’s gain.

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