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Tim Cook Urges United States to remain a member of the Paris Agreement

What you need to know

  • Tim Cook signed a letter regarding the Paris Agreement.
  • Google and Microsoft CEOs also signed.
  • The agreement is to help fight climate change.

Whether the letter will have any impact is debateable.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has joined Google CEO Sundar Pichai and others in signing a letter (via MacRumors) asking the Trumo administration to keep the United States as part of the Paris Agreement.

The agreement aims to fight climate change by preventing the global temperature from rising more than 2 degrees celcius obove pre-industrial levels. After joining the agreement in 2015, the United States is currently in the process of exiting at the request of the current Trump administration.

However, Cook and his contemporaries have written to the White House arguing that the decision should be reversed. Not only because it’s good for the climate, but also bevause it could boost the United States economy.

Staying in the Paris Agreement will strengthen our competitiveness in global markets, positioning the United States to lead the deployment of new technologies that support the transition, provide for our workers and communities, and create jobs and companies built to last.

The letter was prepared by AFL-CIO, a federation of unions from across the United States that includes ,ore than 12.5 million people.

“The promise of the Paris Agreement is one of a just and prosperous world. We urge the United States to join us in staying in.”

Source of the article – iMore