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Tips and Tricks to complete Wizarding Challenges in Wizards Unite!

Make sure you’re prepared before you journey into the dark.

Unlike the fairly simple systems in Ingress and Pokemon Go, there are a number of different building types in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Each offers a unite set of activities for you to perform and earn rewards from. The largest of these buildings are called Fortresses, and contained within these super tall structures are Wizarding Challenges.

Unlike a single skirmish with a Trace you’ll find around the world, these challenges are designed to be handled with friends like a raid event. And if you go into these unprepared, you’re going to be deeply disappointed with the results of your journey into the Fortress.

Before you start a Wizarding Challenge

It may be a bad idea to wander into one of these events on your own, but it’s an even worse idea to wander in without the right equipment. Before you start any Wizarding Challenge in a Fortress, make sure you are prepared with the following equipment.

  • You should have a variety of Runestones you can use to help increase your ranking in that particular area of expertise.
  • You should have at least 10 Spell Energy per Challenge, and be ready to possibly use all of it.
  • You should craft at least one Health Potion. The higher level Chambers have more powerful adversaries, so ideally you should have 10 or more Health potions going into Chambers that are level 5 or higher.
  • Make sure you have at least five minutes to complete the Challenge. Challenges are timed and usually limited to five or six minutes.

If you are, for any reason, unable to complete the Wizarding Challenge, you lose the items you spent to start the event, so don’t enter a Chamber if you think your enemies may be stronger than you.

How to use Runestones

To enter a Chamber and start a Wizarding Challenge, you’ll need to pay one Runestone. Runestones are organized by type and level.

The Runestone’s level determines the difficulty of the enemy you face and rewards you get. The higher the level, the harder the enemy, but also the more rare the Foundables.

The Runestone’s type determines what area of expertise your increased chance of receiving a reward in.

When using Runestones in group Challenges, Runestones, along with number of players in the Challenge, determine the Difficulty Rating, which ultimately determines the rewards you earn.

How to start a Wizarding Challenge

In order to start a Wizarding Challenge you need to be near a Fortress, in much the same way you need to be near a Greenhouse or Inn to interact with those. Instead of performing an activity to receive an item or some Spell Energy, you are giving a Runestone to be permitted to join the Challenge.

Runestones are payment to enter a Chamber and start a Challenge, but there are different types of Runestones that will increase your chances of being rewarded with Foundables that will help you complete your registry.

Have you nearly finished the Care of Magical Creatures registry? Use a Care of Magica Creatures Runestone to enter a Chamber in a Fortress to fight a Wizarding Challenge.

  1. Tap on the Fortress.
  2. Pick a Challenge.
  3. Choose a Runestone to spend on the Challenge.
  4. Wait for the countdown timer to end to start the Challenge.

From here, you will need to defeat every foe in the Chamber to complete the Wizarding Challenge.

Using Profession spells

Once you’ve picked a Profession and started building up your Skill Tree, you’ll unlock profession spells that enhance you in battle, For example, the Professor Profession gives a Deterioration Hex that lowers the enemy’s stamina every time they attack or defend. The Mending Charm restores your or a teammate’s stamina.

You’ll need to activate Professor Spells before you begin a battle. To do so, drag your spell from your Spell Container, which is at the bottom of the screen, just above your Focus bar, and drop it on to either an enemy or a friend, depending on whether you’re casting a hex or a charm.

Different Profession Spells do different things. We’ll have a full guide for each Profession’s spells soon and will link it here when we have it.

How combat works in a Wizarding Challenge

Defeating an enemy in combat is not determined so much by your real-life ability to trace the spell gesture accurately and fast, but more by the skills you unlock in your chosen Profession Skill Tree. You can defeat enemies in Level I and II Chambers pretty easily if you’re alone and haven’t chosen a profession, but once you get to the third Chamber, you’ll need to be stronger against your enemies. Choosing a Profession and building your Skill Tree out will increase your stats, which make you more powerful, accurate, and able to defend yourself and other against attack.

Before you start trying to take on higher-level Chambers, make sure you’re Profession is at least the minimum recommended Grade.

You can find your Grade in Professions tab. Tap your Vault, then tap **Profession. It is listed at the top under the title of your profession.

Here are the basic steps for combat actions.

  1. Line your wand up with your foe by moving your finger across the screen until your Spell Ring lines up with the Attack Ring.
  2. Keep your wand’s Spell Ring over the Attack Ring until the circle completely lights up.
  3. Follow the on-screen gestures for the spell you are performing.
  4. When it is the enemy’s turn, swipe in the direction required to defend against the attacking spell.

Complete these steps until you win. As long as its health decreases faster than yours, you’ll win.

In the middle of a battle you can take a Health Potion to recover some stamina without losing your turn to cast a spell, which is important because your health does not recover on its own during a Wizarding Challenge.

Each Challenge involves multiple battles, which grow more difficult as your Level increases and more people join your battle with you. The difficulty will also increase if you use a higher level Runestone, which also turns into greater chances for rewards.

How to get a critical hit in a Wizarding Challenge

Unlike fighting Confoundables, speed and accuracy are not as important to your spell’s success and effect in Wizarding Challenges. Yes, you need to follow the spell gesture carefully or you’ll mis-cast, but it doesn’t have to be fast and you don’t earn extra XP for stying within the lines. Instead, your spells’ effects and damages are determined by the Profession skills you choose in your Skill Tree.

Critical hits (called Critical Casts in Wizards Unite) inflict extra damage, which is determined by your Critical Power. You can increase your Critical Power (and your chances to get a Critical Cast) by using your Restricted Section Books to build up your Skill Tree.

Different Profession Skills are used to increase player stats for Precision and Critical Power.

For example, the Professor Profession Skill Binns Mode increases your Precision stats by 5%. Higher Precision stats increase your chances of making a Critical Cast. Light Reading increases the damaged done with a successful Critical Cast by 50%

When building your Skill Tree, be sure to take note of where Precision and Critical Power stat increases are in order to improve your chances of getting a Critical Cast and inflicting higher damage.

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