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Transform any room with up to 50% off these Minger LED light strips

Minger has a pair of its LED light strips on sale with as much as 50% off when you enter the correct promo code. These lights can be used to provide ambient light to any room in the color of your choosing and are great for setting the mood or using as bias lighting behind a display.

Ambient light

Minger 6.56-foot LED TV light strip

With its USB connector, this light strip is perfect for adding ambient light to the back of your TV or computer monitor. You can also set the light to automatically adjust based on ambient sound. Code JEYHZJVO takes them down to this new low price.

$6.49 $12.99 $6.50

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Voice control

Minger 32.8-foot Wi-Fi LED llght strip

If you want to cover a larger area in strip lighting, this kit is for you. These lights are also waterproof so can be used indoors and out, and the added Wi-Fi feature means you can hook them up to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart home devices. Enter DIVWTQ4A at checkout to get the discount.

$32.49 $49.99 $17.50 off

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The Minger 6.56-foot color-changing LED TV light strip is down to $6.49 with code JEYHZJVO. Without the code, this light strip sells for $13, and we have never seen it drop this low directly. Despite the price, this strip has a ton of useful features. For example, it has a built-in high-sensitivity mic, which can automatically adjust your lights and colors based on the sound it picks up. Sync the strip to the music or show you’re watching and get the lighting just right. Being powered by USB, this strip is perfect for affixing to the back of your TV or PC monitor to add some backlighting so it switches on when your display does. A bit of ambient light great for reducing eye strain.

The second model on sale is the 32.8-foot Minger Wi-Fi LED Strip Light. It drops to $32.49 when you enter DIVWTQ4A during checkout, saving you $17.50. This kit is comprised of two light strip rolls measuring just over 16 feet each. They’re both waterproof, allowing you to use them indoors or outside as needed. Plus, they’re equipped with 3M self-adhesive tape on the back which makes it easy to install them just about anywhere you’d like. As well as being much longer, the strips support a wider color range and can be controlled from the companion app or an Amazon Alexa device thanks to built-in Wi-Fi.

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