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Twitter for iOS update fixes odd auto-refreshing timeline bug. Finally

What you need to know

  • Twitter users have been dealing with the most ridiculous of bugs.
  • TImelines were auto-refreshing at random intervals.
  • A new bug fix claims to address the issue.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says the update is “finally” ready.

Twitter for iOS has a new bug fix out, and it’s a fix that you’ll want to download ASAP if you’ve noticed your timeline refreshing at odd intervals. After users reported that their timelines were auto-refreshing while they were scrolling through them, Twitter got to work on patching the issue. And that patch is now here.

What made the refreshing particularly irritating was the fact that the timeline would also automatically scroll back to the top, losing the user’s place in the process. If you’re a Twitter completionist that’s the kind of thing that gets very old, very quickly.

The bug fix was announce via the Twitter Support account, with CEO Jack Dorsey tweeting something he presumably thought was funny in a quote-tweet.

I’m sure all of the developers who worked on getting this update out of the door found it hillarious, Jack.

Of course the best way to deal with bugs like this is to use a third-party Twitter app like Tweetbot or Twitterrific. What you lose in not being able to see polls you gain in not dealing with Twitter’s ads and weird timeline ideas. Try either of those apps, you can thank me later.

You can download the free update to Twitter from the App Store now. And I’d suggest you do it sooner rather than later to avoid dealing with the most infuriating of bugs.

Source of the article – iMore