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Typing on the Apple Watch is about to become a thing

What you need to know

  • The FlickType keyboard for Apple Watch is changing the way you type on the wearable.
  • Using AI, it can aptly detect letter presses to deliver accurate typing information.
  • The founder of the keyboard posted an impressive video on Twitter of the keyboard that’s still in beta right now.

The beta keyboard cranks out quick tests with great accuracy.

Typing on the Apple Watch has never really been a thing since it launch four years ago. A new typing app is trying to change that and it’s only getting better with time.

FlickType is an Apple Watch keyboard that introduces a full QWERTY keyboard to the tiny screen, but uses AI to precisely select the letter you are aiming for even if you press multiple letters at once. It’s been around for a while for the iPhone but the Apple Watch version seems to be the real winner. Here’s the official description:

FlickType is the fastest keyboard app in the world for users who are blind or low-vision. Combining the familiar QWERTY keyboard layout with 2 simple gestures, FlickType enables users to type both easier as well as up to 4 times faster than ever. FlickType does not require learning an entirely new way of typing: simply trust the Artificially Intelligent engine to correct the word even when every letter is mis-tapped.

The founder of the keyboard, Kosta Eleftherious, posted a video on Twitter of the keyboard in action and it works flawlessly. Eleftherious types out an entire sentence and it works seamless. It makes the keyboard feel expansive even though it’s pretty small.

Seeing the keyboard in action, it makes you wonder why Apple never thought of implementing something like this for the Apple Watch. It does have some solutions, ones that mostly involve Siri voice dictation and scribbling.

Regardless, a solution is on the way with FlickType. It’s still in public beta, but you can test it out with TestFlight if you feel like being adventurous.

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