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Want to stream your PS4 to your iPhone? Here’s the best console choice

Best answer: The PlayStation 4 Pro offers the best visual quality when streaming games to your iPhone, but there are some broadband qualifications you’ll need. With a 1080p quality, you’ll enjoy your games on your phone in the best available video your phone can provide. If you don’t have a 4K TV at home or 15Mbps broadband, you may want to consider the PlayStation 4 Slim.

Get the most out of your streaming with the PS4 Pro

One of the most prominent differences between the PS4, PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro is the better video quality available on the PS4 Pro. This is a feature that remains true when streaming your games to your iPhone. With the PS4 Pro and a 15Mbps internet connection, your iPhone can play games at 1080p with 30fps. With the other PS4 systems, the highest quality of your games on the iPhone will be 720p, so they will not offer as high of a resolution. The PS4 Pro also comes with 1 TB of space for your games, giving you the maximum storage as a default, which means more game options available for streaming.

Going slim

If you don’t have the TV to handle the 4K resolution that the PS4 Pro offers or the right internet speed, it may not make sense to spend the extra money to upgrade to the PS4 Pro. In this case, the PS4 Slim is an excellent alternative as it has the option to still give you 1 TB of space instead of 500 GB. When playing on your iPhone with the PS4 Remote Play app, you will still have a 720p quality.

If you want to get your hands on the original PS4, you may be out of luck. The original PS4 has been discontinued and replaced with the slim model. If you happen to find this model with 1TB of space, it will offer the same visual and storage capability. The difference here would just be in the size of the console itself.

Overall Pick

PlayStation 4 Pro

$363 at Amazon

Best visual experience

If you have the right setup at home, with a 4K TV and a minimum of 15Mbps broadband, and plan to use the streaming feature to your iPhone regularly, the PS4 Pro is your best option with 1080p quality to your iPhone.

Best Under 4K Quality

PlayStation 4 Slim – 1 TB

$282 at Amazon

Great storage

With the PS4 Slim – 1 TB, you get the same amount of space to store your games and are still able to stream games to your iPhone using the PS4 Remote Play app in 720p resolution.

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