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What do you get with the Resident Evil Origins Collection?

Best answer: With the Resident Evil Origins Collection, you get the remastered versions of both the original Resident Evil and its prequel, Resident Evil 0. These remasters include a few extra control and visual options, all previously-released DLC, and a new playable character in Resident Evil 0.

What games come in the Resident Evil Origins Collection?

Remastered versions of the original Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0, the game’s prequel, are included in the Resident Evil Origins Collection. These titles are available in a physical collection at retail, but they can also be purchased individually on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Resident Evil 4 remastered, which was announced alongside the other two games, is not part of the collection, but it can also be bought individually on the eShop.

What are the extras in the Resident Evil Origins Collection?

Both games include options for both the original 4:3 or a widescreen 16:9 view mode, so you can view the game however you like. They also include a choice between a classic control scheme, or an alternate set-up where the character moves in the same direction you push the analog stick. Also, all previously-released DLC and game modes are included.

Who is Albert Wesker?

Albert Wesker is one of the series’ primary antagonists and reappears in multiple installments. Wesker is available as a playable character in Resident Evil 0; he unlocks after the main campaign has been completed. In his Resident Evil 0 playable appearance, Wesker comes equipped with special Uroboros powers, the same ones he has in Resident Evil 5 (not included in this collection).

Resident Evil Origins Collection is a fantastic way to revisit the beginnings of a classic series, including all past extra content and updated options for a smooth, enjoyable, and horrifying game. If you have ever enjoyed a Resident Evil game, exploring the origins of the game’s story should prove an exciting adventure on the Nintendo Switch.

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Return to the origins of horror

The Resident Evil Origins Collection takes you back to the beginnings of the classic horror series with two remastered games, all previously-released content, and some new options to make this a good revisit even for those who have already played either game.

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