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What Runestones do in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Where to find Runestones and what you need them for in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you’re playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, chances are you’ve come across these items known as Runestones. Runestones are your ticket into Wizarding Challenges and will determine just how hard the Chambers inside a Fortress will be. Here’s what you need to know about Runestones in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Where to find Runestones in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

You find Runestones in Treasure Trunks which you earn by returning Founadbles. Each time you return a Foundable or add a sticker to your Registry, your rank will increase in that particular area of expertise, which the game refers to as a “Family”. When you earn enough rank, your rank will go up and reward you a Runestone in that area of expertise.

There are 10 Families in the game right now, and they are as follows:

  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Dark Arts
  • Hogwarts School
  • Legends of Hogwarts
  • Ministry of Magic
  • Magizoology
  • Magical Games and Sports
  • Mysterious Artefacts
  • Wonders of the Wizarding World
  • Oddities

What Runestones do in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Runestones are used to enter Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses you find on the map and they help determine how difficult the Challenge will be as well as the type of rewards you will receive.

To enter a Fortress Chamber and start a Wizarding Challenge, you’ll need to pay one Runestone. Runestones are organized by type and level.

The level of the Runestone you use to enter a Chamber determines the difficulty of the enemy you face — the higher the level of Runestone, the harder the enemy or enemies will be. Of course, the greater risk comes greater rewards, meaning when you use higher level Runestones, you’ll reap the rewards if/when you beat the Challenge.

When using Runestones in group Challenges, Runestones, along with the number of players partaking in the Wizarding Challenge, will determine the Difficulty Rating, which ultimately determines the rewards you earn.

The rewards you earn from completing a Wizarding Challenge includes XP and items, but you’ll also receive fragments for the Family of the Runestone you use.

For example, If you used a Magical Games and Sports Runestone to enter a Chamber, once you completed the challenge, you would earn fragments for Magical Games and Sports.

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