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What type of monitor should you buy?

Best answer: Which monitor is the best monitor comes down to what you intend on using your monitor for, and more importantly, which features are the most important to you.

Consider what you want out of a monitor

Monitors come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and feature configurations and only you know what you need, but there are a few things you should always think about before buying a monitor.

You’re going to need to think about what you want out of your monitor. Whether you require certain connections, are looking for a 4K display, need a low response time, or want something portable, knowing what you want from a monitor is going to help you narrow down your options.

Plus, don’t forget to consider which device you plan on using your monitor with, as some monitors may work better for certain computers.

A fantastic all-around experience

A big reason I suggest the LG 27UK850 is because it’s good at everything — especially for Mac users — and it’s at a good price point for the number of features it packs.

With two USB-A (3.0) ports, two HDMI ports, a display port, a headphone jack, and a USB-C port, the LG27UK850 isn’t just a monitor, it also acts as a mini-connectivity hub, giving you the ability to use all sorts of different accessories. Plus, It’s a 4K display meaning you can game, watch movies, or edit 4K videos with all the detail you expect from a high-resolution display.

The 5ms response time with a 60Hz refresh rate, all but the most extreme gamers are going to be satisfied playing their favorite games on the LG27UK850. The monitor is also equipped with FreeSync, which is AMD’s adaptive sync technology that supports dynamic refresh rates, so if your graphics card can’t quite handle 60Hz at 4K, it’ll dip down below that and, thanks to FreeSync, you shouldn’t see any tearing.

Lastly, the LG27UK850 is my favorite display to use with MacBooks because the USB-C port also supports power delivery up to 60W, meaning your MacBook, MacBook Air, and 13-inch MacBook Pro will charge while you’re using the monitor.

Cheaper options to exist

Monitors can be expensive, especially when you’re looking for one that has a ton of features; however, there are some great monitors that can cost much less.

The ZenScreen is ASUS’s very portable monitor, which has its own USB-C port and offers a great-looking IPS panel. This 15.6-inch screen features ASUS’s Eye Care technology to prevent eye fatigue and has flicker-free backlighting and a blue light filter to help keep you productive for longer.

While it doesn’t have a lot of ports or fancy features, its portable and $240 price tag makes it a great buy for anyone looking for a decent screen at a decent price.

Our pick


$650 at Amazon

Best USB-C monitor for most people — specifically Mac users.

The LG 2727UK850-W offers fantastic features at a very attractive price point. It’s value, compatibility, and features make it the best 4K display for most Mac users.

Value Option

ASUS ZenScreen

$240 at Amazon

A great budget option that’s also portable!

Made with portability in mind, this display has its own USB-C port, with great-looking IPS pane that you can take with you anywhere!

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