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What’s in Lory’s WWDC 2019 gear bag?

The WWDC keynote address takes place on June 2 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. I don’t have to travel as far as Rene Ritchie, but I do like to take a lot of gear with me. While trying to pack as minimally as possible, I’ll still be toting around my most important gadgets. Here’s what’s in my bag, and more importantly, what my bag is.

Bag of holding

Booq Superslim case

I don’t have to drag my entire life with me to Cupertino, so I can keep my bag pretty minimal, which is why this slim briefcase/messenger-style bag is perfect for a one-day trip. It’s small enough to carry around with ease but big enough to house my MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and other accessories.

$60 at Amazon

Portable powerhouse

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is the only way to go when it comes to laptops, in my opinion. They are powerful enough to be used as a main computer but portable enough to take on the road. I prefer the 13-inch model because it’s just easier to tote around, even though I am more comfortable using a larger screen. That’s why I usually connect my MBP to my iPad Pro with Duet Display, so I can use a second screen.

From $1699 at Amazon

Second screen

11-inch iPad Pro

This time around, I’m shrinking back down to the 11-inch model (instead of the 12.9-inch) for double screen purposes. The main reason is that I’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing this year, which means lightness takes priority. The 11-inch iPad Pro is the perfect combination of being lightweight and productive.

From $799 at Amazon

Clickety Clack

Slim Folio Pro for iPad Pro

Nothing’s going to come between me and my love for Logitech’s scissor keyboard typing experience. The Slim Folio Pro is a return to form with near perfect upgrades to important features.

From $120 at Logitech

Listening pleasure

Powerbeats Pro

People often ask me which I prefer: AirPods or Powerbeats Pro and my answer is a resounding Powerbeats Pro every time. They fit better, sound better, and have a longer battery life. Perfect for extended writing sessions during WWDC.

$250 at Apple

Art break

Apple Pencil 2

Admittedly, I’m a terrible artist, so you won’t find me doodling awesome illustrations of Batman or anything (eh, hem, Rene). But, I love using it with my favorite coloring book apps to help me relax, which is seriously important at the end of a long day after any Apple Event.

$129 at Amazon

Daily driver

iPhone XS

Of course, I’ll be bringing my tried-and-true with me. It’ll be put through its paces, since I’ll be using it for photographing the new hotness, sharing my thoughts on soch meeds, chatting with the iMore team, recording video, and taking all those selfies with Tim Cook!

From $999 at Amazon

For betas

iPhone X

Though I don’t expect anything Apple announces will still be in beta form, it’s always good to have a backup iPhone, just in case you need to install something and don’t want to disrupt your daily driver in any way. That’s why I always carry a spare iPhone with me. I’m also bringing my iPhone SE, just to make sure new software still looks right on the smaller screen. I’ll put Apple on blast if it doesn’t!

From $749 at Amazon

Staying connected

Apple Watch Series 4

These days, I need my Apple Watch as much as I need my iPhone. It provides instant bite-sized bits of information about important communications. If I get a notification or a text message, I can simply glance down at my wrist to decide if I need to address it further. This is invaluable when you are working on a fast-paced schedule.

From $415 at Amazon

Also for Betas

Apple Watch Series 3

I’m not going to subject my main Apple Watch to a developer beta that could potentially bork it without a home fix (remember the dev beta for watchOS 5?). If my Series 3 suffers a total shutdown, it’ won’t upset me to have to send it to Apple’s tech team for a couple of days.

From $279 at Apple

Reliable recharge

mophie powerstation XXL

There is no way one can go a whole Apple Event without needing a recharge. mophie’s powerstation is an absolute lifesaver, multiple times over. Not only will it recharge my iPhone XS thanks to the USB-A port, but it will give my MacBook Pro emergency juice thanks to the USB-C port.

$149 at Amazon

Smooth video

DJI Osmo mobile 2

One important reason to be at an Apple event is to get photos and videos of everything shiny and new, and the Osmo gimbal makes it really easy to get smooth video, even when a lot of things are happening all around you. You can even set focus on a subject and the Osmo will track it, whether you’re moving or your subject is.

$139 at Amazon

Stay tuned for our on-the-ground WWDC 2019 coverage

As a tech writer, we carry a lot of gadgets and gizmos around with us, especially to tech events. You never know when you’re going to need to break out your extra iPhone for a photo op or recharge your dying MacBook Pro. It may seem a bit excessive, but I can attest to needing pretty much everything on this list, every single time I go to an Apple Event.

This list, of course, doesn’t include the various cords, cables, and adapters I’ll also be toting with me. If I’m not using Apple’s official connectors, I’m using one of Nomad’s cables and Anker’s 5-in-1 hub

Don’t forget to follow along with us on June 3 at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT.

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