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Which car seat holder should you buy for the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a great console for on-the-go. It can be used to keep rear-seat passengers entertained for hours, regardless of their age, with minimal fuss. A car seat mount will also prevent arm strain and neck from using the Switch for an extended time. If you don’t know where to start looking, no worries – we have you covered. Here are some of the mounts and holders that we recommend:

For than one person

Macally Car Headrest Mount Holder

Staff pick

Absolutely no tools are required to install this headrest, which makes it very simple to install. It is also fully rotatable and will fit devices from 4.5″ to 10″ wide. The best feature is that it can slide across to one side, giving all passengers in the rear a chance to view the screen – great for two or more passengers!

$20 at Amazon

Best budget option

Lamicall Tablet Holder

This is the cheapest option here but by no means the worst. This headrest holder attaches directly in-between the posts of the headrest itself – please note that the distance between the headrest posts must be 5.1-5.9 inches, otherwise it will not fit. It is rotatable 360° and there is a hole in the side of it. For example, if you try and mount a smartphone horizontally, it will still be able to be charged which is quite convenient.

$10 at Amazon

Diagonal mounting

iBOLT TabDock Headrest

This is very similar to the Lamicall Tablet Holder. It connects to the headrest posts in a similar way. The attached device can be rotated 360° as well as being moved up and down. It also holds the device with diagonal clamps which is an interesting design choice – this helps to keep both the charging port and the headphone jack free.

$12 at Amazon

For the headrest post

Ansteker Car Headrest Tablet Holder

Unsure if your vehicle’s headrest-posts are suitable for most normal mounts? or do you have a vehicle with some interesting non-standard seats? This may be the mount for you! As long as the headrest post has a diameter of less than 0.74 inches, the single arm mounting design should fit most vehicles.

$13 at Amazon

Switch specific mounting

TFY Car Headrest Mount

If you are concerned about damage from attaching something to the headrest post and only want a mount, then this headrest is the way to go. It can be attached by wrapping the stretchy material around the headrest itself and then the Switch screen is held in place by a secure silicone netting. This ensures that no damage should come to the Switch either.

$19 at Amazon

Enjoy your drive

There are a few caveats to be taken into account before purchasing any particular headrest or mount. Note that the power and volume buttons are on the top of the Switch console, so it’s best to buy a mount which keeps the Switch clamped in place horizontally. Also, keep in mind that not all headrests are the same. Some mounts may not fit specific vehicles with strange seat designs – please be sure to check your own car’s headrests before buying a mount to ensure that it fits.

Most mounts are in the $10-$20 price range, so they shouldn’t break the bank. Some mounts may also be able to hold mobile phones and tablets, too. I would also recommend having a suitable method of keeping the devices charged as well – like the Anker car charger.

All of these car headrest mounts are viable options but my favorite case is the Macally Car Headrest Mount Holder due to its versatility and ability to entertain more than one passenger in the rear seats. For those on a budget, the Lamicall Tablet Holder would be a superb choice and for those with cars that have fiddly or non-standard headposts the Ansteker Car Headrest Tablet Holder should suit anyone with an unusual vehicle configuration.

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