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Which Star Wars-themed Instant Pot are YOU?

Star Wars fans, these are the Instant Pots you’ve been looking for.

These are the Instant Pots you’ve been looking for if you’re a Star Wars fan. Instant Pot just released a brand new, limited special edition collection of Star Wars-themed Instant Pot models, and they’re being sold exclusively at Williams Sonoma. It’s important to note that these are all the Instant Pot DUO model, but each version is only available in one size (three of them are 6-Quart, one is 3-Quart, and the last one is 8-Quart).

So which Star Wars Instant Pot are you?


Are you quick, innovative, and always curious about everything around you? Do you understand various concepts and like to apply logic when finding the best solutions to problems? Do you tend to get bored by usual routines and get crafty with resources and problem-solving? Then you may be R2-D2. This shiny Instant Pot is definitely going to turn some heads with the bold blue accents on top of the bright white and soft gray. It will complement any modern kitchen.

Always resourceful

Instant Pot Duo 6-Qt R2-D2

$100 at Williams Sonoma

Logic is the secret ingredient

The R2-D2 Instant Pot Duo features a bright white exterior with touches of soft gray at the base and on the lid. Bright blue droid accents complete the look.

Darth Vader

Do you feel like getting in touch with the Dark Side? Are you a leader, who is also practical, realistic, organized, and strategic? Are you often taking your own personal responsibilities very seriously because you want efficiency and results? You also worry about keeping up traditions and providing security for those you actually care about. If any of that fits your personality, you should go for the Darth Vader Instant Pot Duo. It’s sleek black exterior features blueprint outlines of Darth Vader, Vader’s lightsaber, and the Death Star.

The Dark Side has cookies

Instant Pot Duo 6-Qt Darth Vader

$100 at Williams Sonoma

For the Empire of deliciousness

The Darth Vader Instant Pot Duo has an all-black exterior with blueprint-like outlines of Darth Vader’s helmet, lightsaber, and the Death Star.


Are you loyal, obedient, and ready to fight for the Empire, forever? Do you want to enforce the law and show your authority for the Empire and the New Order? Then the Stormtrooper Instant Pot Duo is the one you want, and fortunately, your meals will hit their mark, unlike what seems like every Stormtrooper blaster. The Stormtrooper Instant Pot Duo features a bright white exterior with outlines of the traditional Stormtrooper helmet, and the Empire sigil on the front panel.

Loyal to good eats

Instant Pot Duo 6-Qt Stormtrooper

$100 at Williams Sonoma

These meals hit the mark

The Stormtrooper Instant Pot Duo features a gorgeous bright white exterior with blueprint outlines of a Stormtrooper helmet. There is also the Empire sigil on the front panel.


Are you round, cheerful, and always trying to be cute? You don’t let others be fooled by your adorable disposition, because you’re extremely loyal to those you care about. You also have an active imagination and daydream often. If you’re like BB-8, then this mini 3-Qt Instant Pot is perfect for you and the smaller meals or side dishes you want to create.

Small and adorable

Instant Pot Duo 3-Qt BB-8

$80 at Williams Sonoma

Perfect for side dishes and small meals

The BB-8 Instant Pot 3-Qt is the smaller size, just like BB-8, so it’s great for side dishes and meals for one person. The exterior is white with bright orange accents like our favorite droid.


You’re quiet, kind of reserved, but often independent and adventurous. You also think of yourself as adaptable and spontaneous, someone who just likes to live in the moment. And most importantly, you are loyal to friends and family, even breaking some rules along the way if need be. All-in-all, you get things done. If that describes you, then you need the 8-Quart Chewbacca Instant Pot. This gorgeous beast features a shiny brown exterior that resembles Chewie’s fur with his bandolier as an accent. The base and lid are a lighter, matte brown.

Punch it!

Instant Pot Duo 8-Qt Chewbacca

$120 at Williams Sonoma

Hungry for adventure

The Chewbacca Instant Pot 8-Qt is great for large families. The shiny brown exterior resembles Chewbacca’s fur, and it even has his bandolier as an accent.

So, which Star Wars Instant Pot are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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