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Who needs AirPower? Get CHOETECH Dual Fast Wireless Charger for cheap

Apple may have cancelled AirPower, but that doesn’t mean others can’t create their own wireless charging pads that allow you to place your device anywhere to charge. Wireless charging pads are always convenient, because there are no cables to deal with, but most of them require you to put your iPhone or AirPods in a specific spot in order to charge. Most also provide a slower charge than you would get if you plug it in. Fortunately, the CHOETECH Dual Fast Wireless Charger is the answer to all of your problems.

Fast and convenient

CHOETECH Dual Fast 5-Coil Qi Wireless Charger

$25 at Amazon

Charge everything at once

The CHOETECH Dual Fast Wireless Charger features five coils inside, which covers most of the charging pad. This means you can place your iPhone or AirPods wireless charging case pretty much anywhere on this pad, and it will charge. It supports charging up to two phones at the same time, and it even works with AirPods Pro. It also supports fast charging.

We love wirelessly charging our iPhones and AirPods here at iMore, because there’s no cables to fumble around with. All we need to do is place our iPhone or AirPods charging case on a wireless charging pad and forget about it. The only drawback is that most wireless chargers will charge slower than a cable, but that’s not what you get with CHOETECH.

This nice wireless charging pad is wide and features five coils inside, so you can just throw your iPhone or AirPods case anywhere on the pad, and it should begin charging. And don’t think that it will take hours to charge up your device fully, because CHOETECH supports fast charging. So you can put your devices down on this pad in any orientation or position, and it will charge up quickly, so you can continue to use it in no time at all.

You can actually charge up to two phones with this CHOETECH wireless charger, and it supports up to 18W output simultaneously. The surface of this wireless charging pad is also made with an anti-slip PU leather, so your devices will not go sliding around. Once you put them down, they’ll stay put until you pick them back up to use. There are also anti-slip pads on the bottom to prevent the charging pad from moving around on the surface you place it on.

If you want a wireless charging pad that is close to what AirPower would have offered, then this CHOETECH Dual Fast Wireless Charger is worth picking up, especially at this Black Friday price.

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