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Will Super Mario Maker 2 work with amiibo?

Best Answer: Nintendo hasn’t officially said anything, but they also haven’t announced amiibo support either.

Why are we even questioning it?

It’s less than two months away from the release of Super Mario Maker 2. By now, we expected Nintendo to tell us what amiibo would work with the level-building sequel. . . but they haven’t. Additionally, fans have noticed that the amiibo symbol that usually appears on the promotional ads for Nintendo games is nowhere to be found on Super Mario Maker 2’s images. This could simply be an oversight on Nintendo’s part, but many fans are speculating that it could mean Nintendo doesn’t intend to include amiibo support.

The one thing Nintendo has announced is that anyone who pre-orders a physical copy of the game from a local retailer gets a Mario-themed stylus. Since they’ve released that information, you’d think they would have mentioned amiibo, as well.

The original game released with two new compatible amiibo – Mario Classic Color and Mario Modern Color – and it also worked with dozens of existing NFC figures. So, fans have been expecting the next game to feature its own amiibo lineup. It’s just a little disconcerting that nothing has been announced when the game is so close to release.

Everything we know so far

To be fair there’s still a lot about this game that we don’t know. Some of the most intriguing information we’ve gotten is from Nintendo’s Financial Results Briefing, in which the company alluded to new elements in Super Mario Maker 2:

This title is filled with new gameplay mechanics and new ways to play that were not previously available in the series. The game takes full advantage of the features of Nintendo Switch to allow anyone to freely create and play their own custom Super Mario levels.

From the game listing on Nintendo’s website, we can tell that a few new gaming mechanics have been added to the sequel – including slopes, yes, slopes! Additional characters have also been added and you can also choose where the side-scrolling camera focuses during gameplay.

It’s possible that Nintendo is keeping us in suspense until they reveal more about this game at E3 2019, which runs from June 11th – 13th. We’ll just have to see. Check back frequently as we’ll update this information as we learn more. Super Mario Maker 2 releases June 28, 2019.

Building Bros.

Super Mario Maker 2

$60 pre-order at Amazon

Build your own levels in the Mushroom Kingdom

This highly anticipated sequel will include new characters, tools and building options from the original game. Create your own levels and watch other gamers play them. Choose from several different art styles, from classic 8-bit to modern 3D. It is set to release on June 28, 2019.

8-bit Plumber

Mario Classic Color amiibo

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Classic-looking amiibo for original Super Mario Maker

This 8-bit Mario figure can be used with the Wii U, Switch, and a number of Nintendo games. Use it with the original Super Mario Maker game to make Mario grow gigantic. It’s a fun allusion to the first Mario games and will look good in anyone’s amiibo collection.

New-Age Plumber

Mario Modern amiibo

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An 8-bit Mario amiibo for the original Super Mario Maker

This fun amiibo is a throw back to older, side scrolling, Mario games. Use it on the Wii U with the original Super Mario Maker game to make Mario grow huge. It also releases perks in a number of other Nintendo games and works on the Nintendo Switch.

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