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With an iPhone case like this, you’ll never lose your AirPods again

I’ve seen iPhone cases, I’ve seen AirPods cases, but I’ve never seen an AirPods case neatly tucked into the back of an iPhone case while still maintaining an overall sleek design.

When Apple announced the first generation of AirPods in 2016, I immediately knew I had to have a pair, but what I didn’t know was how easy it’d be for me to lose track of my shiny new toys. While I’d rather not tell you how many pairs of AirPods I’ve lost in the past, I am happy to report that losing my AirPods (and yours if you’re anything like me) might soon become a thing of the past with the help of one of these 2-in-1 cases that’ll house your AirPods and iPhone in one spot.

It’s a simple yet genius concept for people who are constantly misplacing their AirPods or are just looking to carry one less thing in their pockets. Now, while each case will come with its own unique features and functionality, my absolute favorite is the OFOCASE. The case currently comes in two colors — black and white — and is made of a silicone type material that wraps around your iPhone without adding too much bulk. Your AirPods will also be protected by the same durable material as they sit cradled on the back of the phone secured in place with a lid. The build of the case seems to be inspired by Apple’s original silicone case and even boasts a similar suede interior to prevent your iPhone from scratching.

2-in-1 Storage

OFOCASE iPhone-AirPods Case

$10 at Amazon

Protect your AirPods and iPhone with one super durable, easy to carry case, and ultra-sleek case.

The basic offerings of this case are enough for me, but if you’re looking for something more, you might be interested in AXS Technologies’s upcoming 2-in-1 Power1 case, which promises “unified power and protection for your AirPods and iPhone.” As the name suggests, the case will not only protect your iPhone and Airpods, it will also power both devices while you’re on the go. There are two charging options to choose from — an AirPods only charging mode and a second mode that will charge your AirPods and iPhone simultaneously. The case comes equipped with a 3000 mAh battery and promises up to 41 hours of talk time when used with an iPhone XS Max. That’s fairly impressive when you take into consideration the 37 hours from Apple’s charging case or the 31 hours from a Mophie charging case for the same phone.

The Power1 also comes in only two colors, but if you’re looking for more options, there’s always the MayCase case, which comes in six great colors but does not charge your Apple products.

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