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With fitness watches, does the Withings Move or Amazfit Pace win out?

The iMore team is always on the lookout for great tech that will help you lead a healthier life, whether its a brand new cheap fitness tracker or the latest smartwatch.

Withings Move

Basic fitness

$70 at Amazon


  • Low price
  • Automatic activity tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Shows activity on the dial
  • Water resistance to 50m
  • Up to 18 months of battery life
  • Customizable bands and faces


  • No heart rate monitoring
  • Need to use the phone app for most features
  • Customizations can’t be changed later
  • No option for notifications

The Withings Move is a very attractive fitness tracking option, especially if you’re just getting into fitness tracking. It’s an analog watch that’s focused just on fitness tracking and telling time, so if you want something with notification support, you’ll need to look elsewhere. There’s no heart rate monitoring, and for most features outside of automatic tracking and the time, you’ll need to use the smartphone app. It’s highly customizable, though as those customizations are physical in nature, they can’t be changed after you’ve received your watch.

Amazfit Pace

A step up

$128 at Amazon


  • Automatic heart rate monitoring
  • Built-in GPS
  • Internal music storage
  • Notification capability
  • Sleep tracking
  • Tracks various activities and sports
  • Can sync with Strava
  • Can work independently from your phone
  • Always-on display


  • More costly than the Withings Move
  • Only comes in two colors
  • Battery lasts up to 11 days per charge
  • No automatic workout tracking

The Amazfit Pace is a solid fitness tracker and smartwatch. With internal storage for music and a built-in GPS, its easy to use the Pace without needing your smartphone on you all of the time. The watch will track your activities and sleep, though unlike the Withings Move, it won’t do so automatically. But the Pace does offer constant heart rate monitoring, offering a more accurate picture of how your workouts impact you. The watch can sync with the Strava workout app, and can show you notifications for calls, texts, email, and apps.

If you’re just starting out with fitness tracking, check out the Withings Move. A stylish analog watch, it has automatic activity tracking so you don’t need to think about it when you want to start tracking a workout. On the other hand, there’s Amazfit Pace. While it lacks automatic workout tracking, it does track more and monitors your heart rate. It also has built-in GPS, letting you keep track of your routes. If you’re more serious about keeping track of your workouts, you should strongly consider the Amazfit Pace.

Putting them through their paces

The Withings Move and Amazfit Pace are an interesting pair. In many ways, the Pace is like a step-up version of the Move, with both being activity-oriented watches. The Amazfit Pace certainly functions as more of a full-featured smartwatch, though it lacks native apps that something like the Apple Watch or an Android Wear device would have.

The Move is an analog watch with some excellent fitness-tracking features, but is a more basic option. The Move won’t display notifications, doesn’t have on-board storage for music or anything else, and won’t let you select workouts to track on the watch. One thing this watch has (and something that can be very important for something you wear on your wrist) is style.

If you order directly through Withings, you’ll have the option to completely customize your Move, from the color of the straps to the activity tracking dial. Put your favorite color on the face, or get everything with some kind of pattern. While you can’t change these customizations after you get the watch, it’s a great way to put a personal touch on a device you’ll potentially wear every day.

As previously noted, the Pace is more of a full-featured smartwatch. It’s got a touchscreen display for direct, on-watch control of workouts, Bluetooth device connections, and music playback. Because it’s a digital watch, the Pace can change the information it displays, making it more adaptable.

The watch also has built-in GPS + GLONASS for accurate location tracking, as well as 4GB of onboard music storage for music playback, letting you listen to music during your workouts without needing your phone. And unlike some other smartwatches, the Pace features an always-on display so there’s no delay from when you raise your wrist to when you can look at the time.

Withings Move Amazfit Pace
Price $70 $128
Battery Life Up to 18 months Up to 11 days
Activity tracking Yes Yes
Sleep tracking Yes Yes
Automatic tracking Yes No
Heart rate monitor No Yes
Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0)
Wi-Fi No Yes
Built-in GPS No Yes
Onboard storage No Yes
Notifications No Yes
App syncing Withings Health Mate Amazfit Watch, Strava

If you’re looking to save money, the Withings Move is a solid option, especially if you’re not looking for series tracking features. Being an analog watch, it’s also less obvious that you’re wearing a gadget on your wrist. Automatic activity tracking is an excellent inclusion, especially if you’re just getting started with fitness tracking, and the battery life is unmatched by any other fitness tracker.

If you want features like built-in GPS and heart rate monitoring, the Amazfit pace is the way to go. While more expensive than the Move, at around $130, it’s still a lot less expensive than many other smartwatches, and even some dedicated fitness trackers. With onboard music storage and independent workout control, the Pace is an always-on-you workout companion. You might need to charge it every few days, but that’s the trade off you make for its excellent set of features.

Withings Move

Low-cost activity tracking

A watch with capable fitness tracking built-in

The Withings Moves tracks basic activity and sleep automatically, with a excellent 18-month battery life. It lacks a heart rate monitor and smart watch functions like apps and notifications, but maybe you want a smarter device that isn’t constantly buzzing your wrist.

Amazfit Pace

Getting serious

An excellent fitness companion with built-in GPS.

$128 at Amazon

The Amazfit Pace is a great, affordable fitness-tracking smartwatch. With built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor, and on-board music storage, it’s a worthwhile accessory if you’re looking to get into more serious fitness tracking.

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