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You can play how many Fortnite games through Mint Mobile?

Best answer: That depends! Your personal experience can vary depending on how much data you buy and how much you use for other activities.

What’s Mint Mobile?

California-based Mint Mobile is a discount carrier that provides prepaid data plans in the U.S. starting at just $15 per month; it uses T-Mobile’s national network. Available for unlocked phones only, the service provides plans that include unlimited talk and text, plus a limited amount of 4G LTE data of your choice. You can select from 3-, 8-, or 12GB of 4G LTE data each month.

Even with all those choices, how does Mint Mobile hold up during a round of Fortnite?

Selecting the best data plan

When you run out of high-speed data, you can purchase more online or through the Mint Mobile app starting at $10 per gigabit. If you exceed your monthly 4G LTE limit and don’t buy more data, your data speed drops to just 128 kbps until the next month begins. At that speed, your Fortnite game play will slow down considerably. However, you might not get that far, assuming you’re not using a lot of data on your smartphone on other games or apps.

According to at least one site, you’ll use between 45MB and 100MB playing Fortnite each hour. In other words, a 15 minute game would use between 12MB and 24MB of mobile data. With 1,000MB per GB, you’d need to play between 40 and 85 Fortnite games just to use 1GB of data. In other words, even if you purchase Mint Mobile’s 3GB plan, you’ll be able to play between 120 and 255 games using 4G LTE. On the 8GB, you could play between 320 and 680 games; on the 12GB plan, between 480 and 1,200 games.

That’s plenty of games, don’t you think? And this doesn’t include games played through Wi-Fi! If you are linked up to the Wi-Fi, you can essentially play until your phone battery dies.

Pick your plan

Mint Mobile

from $15/month at Mint Mobile

Explore for less.

Are you tired of paying too much for data? Play plenty of Fortnite and save some money, too. Try Mint Mobile and enjoy your phone for less.

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