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Your iPhone is here to help you ring in the new year!

Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new with these fun apps!

As another year comes to a close, we start to ponder on what the upcoming year will bring. We have hope that things will be better or trust that things won’t change. We set new resolutions that we’re determined to keep and reflect on what came before us. Before the new year begins, we all celebrate the end of the old one.

To make your New Year’s Eve its most joyous, check out these apps to help ring in the new year.

New Year’s Eve Counter

It’s getting closer and closer to the countdown, you’ve gathered with your friends and family, and you’re ready to toast the new year. Sure, you could stare at the clock, like an animal, or you could let the New Year’s Eve Counter help you celebrate.

Once the timer strikes zero, you can also send festive iMessage stickers to friends and family that couldn’t be with you this year.

There’s even a Lock screen widget, so you can keep track of how close it’s getting so you don’t accidentally miss it.

New Year’s Eve Counter

$1 on App Store

This app helps you count down the days to the new year. You can also send iMessage stickers to friends once it’s the new year.

Ham Horn

When the moment strikes, don’t let anyone celebrate louder than you. With Ham Horn, you can ring in the new year with a virtual air horn. It’s not just an air horn, though. It’s got five additional pre-recorded sounds that you can really annoy your party guests with, including Ham (the sound of a person saying “ham”), Movie Horn, Sad Trombone, Wilhelm (that iconic movie scream), and Uncle Nick (a shifty giggle).

With Ham Horn, you can also record your own sound effect, so you can even customize your own “Happy New Year” horn and blast it through your HomePod speakers.

Ham Horn

Free on the App Store

Ring in the new year with the classic air horn, or use any of the other pre-recorded sounds. Or even make your own!

Jackbox Party Pack

JackBox Games makes fantastic party games that you can play on your PC, Mac, PS3/PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Fire TV, and Apple TV. My favorites are the Party Packs because they come with five games each.

You set up the game on a big screen (via Apple TV, Nintendo Switch, etc.), and each player uses their own phone as a controller to play the game.

It’s hilarious family fun that will pass the time as you wait for midnight to come. You’ll be so engrossed that you may even forget to countdown!

Jackbox Party Pack 6

$30 on the App Store

Jackbox Party Packs are packed with five different games and provide everyone with a ton of fun for your year-end festivities.


Halide is one of our most favorite camera apps for iPhone. It turns our near-pro level iPhone camera into pro-level equipment with incredible photo editing tools. It’s perfect for taking beautiful New Year’s Eve shots at night when it’s difficult to get good lighting.

There’s also a fantastic blog post by Sebastian de With about how to use your iPhone and Halide to take great New Year’s Eve photos.

You’ll be the envy of all your Instafriends with your perfect NYE shots.

Halide Camera

$6 on the App Store

Halide is a powerful camera replacement app with pro features like RAW support, histograms, depth mapping, and more.


Once the party is over and you start ruminating on the year to come, it’s time to set your New Year’s Resolutions, and Streaks can help.

Streaks is a habit tracking app that lets you set up new good habits and break old bad ones. Hoping to quit smoking or cut back on drinking? Need a push to remind you to go to the gym more often? Let Streaks help you turn next year into your best year.


$5 on the App Store

Streaks helps you stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions! Set up new good habits and break the bad ones with ease.

Cocktail Flow

It’s a New Year celebration, so that definitely means party time! And what is a party without some booze?

Cocktail Flow is a beautiful app that is incredibly handy to have during your New Year’s festivities. With Cocktail Flow, you can browse thousands of different drink recipes, and even find recipes based on what you currently have on-hand. Or you can always search for a drink by name, ingredient, or just by category. When you find a drink you like, just make sure to Favorite it for quick access later. And once the new year is over, you can even use Cocktail Flow for every other special occasion, so it’s a great reference year-round.

Cocktail Flow

Free with in-app purchases on the App Store

Cocktail Flow is a beautiful and handy reference for any drink for every occasion. Browse, search, and favorite drink recipes.

Happy New Year!

As you say goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020, here at iMore, we wish you all the best in the year to come.

Updated December 2019: Added Cocktail Flow. These are the best apps to help you ring in 2020! Happy New Year!



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