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Start selling online with Owltech Agency

It is time to transition from a location-based business into selling online in order to stay competitive. Selling online or running an internet store has never been so easy. Could you ever imagine that the world will be put on pause for such a long period of time?

Unfortunately, many businesses stopped operating as usual or what is worse, went bankrupt. Recently we came across with a startup company, Owltech Agency, which offers an E-commerce solution for small and medium enterprises across the world.

Owltech Agency Web Development & Design Company
This small company of 5 has developed an outstanding online-shopping website, which is really easy to use for  both ends: customers on one hand and admins on the other.  Due to the simplicity of its CMS (Content Management System) even a child can add, edit or remove products from the website.

The scope of Owltech Agency’s operation includes:

  • Landing pages
  • Promo sites
  • Corporate websites
  • Catalog
  • Online Shops

One could say “Why do I need an agency, if I can use Wix or an alternative website builder?”

Well the answer is Yes and No. Yes, it gives you an opportunity to create you own website for free/cheap, however you will face a lot of pitfalls like – watermarks of the website builder, “pay to maintain” and various limitations.

This startup from Armenia works absolutely professional and what is rare – they are caring.

Be sure to check Owltech Agency’s portfolio for more information, as well as their social media pages.

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